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Skim Coating Paneling

If it was my baby i would remove the paneling and skim coat walls.No matter what you do to paneling still looks gaudy to me.Paneling always expands and contacts like crazy and never seems to hold caulk or mud well.

What is skim coating? Can you skim coat over wall paneling

I wouldn't skim coat a paneled wall. The mud used to skimcoat wallboard isn't mean for that. If you want it to look like sheetrock, have thin sheetrock installed ver the paneling.

Skim Coating Wood Panel Disaster

Skim coating wood panel disaster About a year ago we hired a contractor "friend" to help us remodel our home, there was a living room full of wood paneling at the time. He suggested instead of putting in drywall a cheaper way of getting the same effect would be skim coating it with some sort of plaster-mud type substance.

DIY Covering up fake wood paneling and Way better looking

June 23rd - 2nd and final coat of paint trim and walls. 2 people working throughout day. It was a lot of work But i would do it over again because i loved how it turned out How To Paint Over

Skim Coat Maybe?

The bathroom I'm doing now had paneling installed previously. Removing the paneling also removed the front layer of paper from the drywall, where the glue was. Wondering about doing a skim coat over

How to Make Paneling Look Like Sheet Rock Hunker

Skim-coating involves spreading several layers of drywall joint compound directly over the paneling, scraping it flat and sanding it to a smooth finish. To prepare the paneling for this treatment, you have to clean it thoroughly and then apply a coat of stain-blocking primer, which helps the joint compound to adhere.

More Skim Coating Tips Bubbles, Drywall Priming, Etc.

HI Sarah, I just found your piece on more skim coating tips when I had a bubble pop up after priming over a skimcoating job I had done in my basement. Thanks for sharing your experience I found info. on the web about the need to get to the root cause by digging down and removing any tear in the paper.

How to Smooth Textured Walls with a Skim Coat

The process of smoothing textured walls with skim coating is fairly common. It refers to spreading a layer of joint compound over the walls to fill in the bumps and valleys in the texture, effectively creating a smooth surface.

plastering over wood panelling

We have a drywall guy that puts a few skim coats over our old paneling and then puts a slight textured coat on them, and it looks great It is much less costly than removing the old paneling and

Skim Coating Plywood/paneling?

I skim coated real old paneling in my first house I owned. I Screwed the paneling really well then taped mudded and sprayed on an orange peel texture. This was done about 16 years ago. I just sold the house and the paneling still looked like sheetrock.

Skim coat over wood paneling

Considering a skimcoat over wood paneling in a basement. There is no drywall backing on this partition wall and the stud spacing is 16". I'm concerned that the flex in the wall will cause the skim coat to fail.

How to Skim Coat Wood Paneling DoItYourself.com

You skim coat right over the existing surface. Skim coating is the process of putting on a very thin coating of mud or joint compound on the surface of the paneling to smooth out its rough complexion.

Skim Coating over Paneling

Re: Skim Coating over Paneling There is a paper sheet product that paper hangars install over paneling that shrinks as it dries, spanning the grooves. This is specifically made for this situation. Check at paint/wall covering store.

How to Give Paneling a Drywall Look Home Guides SF Gate

6. Skim-coat by spreading a thin layer of joint compound over the entire wall with an 8-inch drywall knife. Start in one of the top corners, applying dilute all-purpose joint compound on the wall

Plastering Over Paneling

Make sure that you tape the joints, and apply it thin, thick. Also, is this real wood paneling, or just plastic over masonite? If it is the later, you will be better of maybe just putting in an allowance for the buyers to tear it out if they wish. 4- use a wide blade to put a skim coat on the entire wall so that the crosshatched scoring

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